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My ActionAid

Your Three Steps To A
Vitruvian Charity Entry:

1. Email info@pacesetterevents.com to be advised on availability of charity spaces

2. Register with MyActionAid

3. Get sponsored!

Pace Setter Events and the Vitruvian Triathlon are proud to offer its athletes the opportunity to join the ActionAid/Vitruvian Community Sponsorship Team and help build a long term and lasting relationship to help improve the lives of the children and families in some of the poorest communities in India.

For those not familiar with ActionAid, the charity offers the opportunity to sponsor children in specific communities throughout the poorer areas of the world and it works to support not just the children in those specific communities but also the whole community in which the children are raised.

Our Objective

"Sibs and I decided we wanted to make a long term commitment to a cause that is close to our hearts and as a result we have undertaken to sponsor a little girl who lives with her family amongst the other thousands of slum dwellers in the Maharastra district which is one of the most impoverished districts in Mumbai, India."

Meet Payal

PayalPayal is five years old and one of two children who lives in her Family’s makeshift home with walls and roof made of discarded plastic. As they do not own the land on which their shelter is built they always face the risk of eviction.

Education is very limited for children like Payal and many children at some point in their life become rag pickers, hunting through rubbish to collect rags, plastic or any item that may be of some value.

Like most of the families in this part of the slums, Payal belongs to the Dalit community which are considered to be the lowest caste in Indian society.

Many families in this area are so poor that they can only afford one meal a day and clean water is not readily available with wells and boreholes polluted by gutters or sewers.

"For Sibs and I this is a life time commitment that we are making to support Payal. We realise that most people don’t feel able to commit to this but we are hoping to that the additional sponsorship raised by the Vitruvian/ActionAid partnership can be targeted at specific projects in this and similar areas throughout India which are referred to as Priority Projects by the charity."

These projects include providing shelter, food and education for other children in the same communities and all the money raised will go directly to these projects of which we will keep you informed as they progress.

Our long term plan is to try and sponsor a number of children in in similar circumstances to encourage those athletes that feel they can commit to the longer term sponsorship of a child to do so as well as working towards the community projects.

How Can You Help?

25 Charity Slots on Offer

People who sign up for the charity slots will be required to pay £115 entry fee but will also be required to guarantee £200 in sponsorship for the charity. If you are interested in one of these slots please contact us at info@pacesetterevents.com

Already Racing? Get Sponsored!!

Even if you have a place in the Vitruvian and are not in need of a charity slot you can still sign up to become a member of the ActionAid/Vitruvian team so if you feel you can support the project why not sign up straight away all you have to do is chase some friends and family for some sponsorship which is a lot easier than racing the Vitruvian!!

All you have to do is register with MyActionAid and set up a link with our web page and then people can sponsor you online with the money going direct to the charity.

Sponsor An Athlete

If you aren’t racing but you are supporting a friend or member of the family then why not sponsor them now. Actually even if you don’t know anyone who is racing why not just pick someone from the list of athletes below and wish them luck and add a few pounds to their sponsorship total. It will only take a minute of your time but could make a big difference to a lot of people.

Sponsor A Child

Sponsor A ChildIf you feel that you are able to commit to sponsoring a child then please contact jan.ball@actionaid.org explaining that you are looking to sponsor a child as part of the Vitruvian/Pace Setter Events partnership and she will be able to assist you in finding a child to sponsor in one of these communities. This could be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do, but please remember it is a life time commitment.

Our support of ActionAid is offering the opportunity for athletes to work in partnership with local people in the slum districts of India, and to help them to improve their lives. We hope you will be a part of it. Whatever you do to help we would like to thank you for your help and support. Every little step makes a difference.

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